Thursday, December 25, 2008

Kids at Christmas

Yesterday at Heiko & Steffi's, the kids got a pack of toys etc. from Santa, who came and left while we were all singing "Jingle Bells"! (Yes, Lea is already learning English in the 1st grade and requested this one herself, had Steffi copy the music and lyrics for everyone.)
Today we're off to Edith's for traditional Christmas dinner at noon. The kids will be there also, which is a good thing, because, yesterday evening as we were leaving, I told Malte, who looked unhappy that everyone was leaving, just to pack his suitcase and come along. Well, as I was putting on my shoes, he disappeared and came back with his little travel case packed full of toy animals, cars, and his new farm tractor, ready to go with us. Only because we promised we would see him today at Edith's, and that he could bring his suitcase with him, as it was already packed, and that his dad, who'd had to go to work the late shift, would be glad to find him there in the morning and then come with him and Steffi and Lea, only then did he smile and agree to wait to see us today.
So, we have to go play and eat some more!

[This slideshow includes the previous holiday photos,
will contain those from today as well,
as soon as we're back and upload them.]

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