Saturday, December 20, 2008

Scheduling the Holidays

  • Today - fitness training already and now free to do whatever
  • Tomorrow - Coffee & cake, then supper with Rosi & Berni (Detlef's dad) and their kids with partners etc. (fourth Advent, semi-traditional)
  • Monday/Tuesday - work days - I'm the examinations board (easy for me)
  • Wednesday - Christmas Eve with Steffi & Heiko (Detlef's brother) and their kids and all the family that pulls in (children's free-for-all)
  • Thursday - Christmas Day #1 (Germany has two) - Holiday lunch/dinner at Edith's with her friend (traditional)
  • Friday - Christmas Day #2 - Time with Berlin friends (uncomplicated)
  • Weekend - rest (and at least by then more fitness training)

Details as they occur.

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