Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No to a Few ...

NO to sciencelesstology! (You know what bunch of loons in a sect I mean.)
No to Cruising Tom! (You know what grinning front man I mean.)
No to a bad film with a bad premiere to make a bad position of a bad sect with a bad performance by a has-been actor seem like resistance.
No to his new film Valkyrie ! (German title: Operation Walküre)
No to fundamentalists of all sorts. (You know plenty and I mean them all.)
So DON'T go to see SciencelesstOfficerCruise's film! (By now you surely know what I mean, or check the papers, any papers, even the scandal sheets.)
Read instead a book about those few honorable people who plotted to murder the dictator-warmonger of the Third Reich (you know who I mean) and, unfortunately for Germany, themselves, and the world, failed and were executed. Von Stauffenberg was an upright resister, Cruising Tom is a fundamentalist propagandist!

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